Thursday, November 03, 2005

Going Gorey - The Castle

I watched the Lemony Snicket film at the weekend - rather late, I know - however, I fell in love with the animations at the end and just had to find out who the animator was. It's in fact a UK company called Axiom. Check it out. Their stuff is really great.

Inspired by this, the film, and Halloween, I created the Castle image below.

  1. First, I made lots of patterns using a very limited colour range (greys, blues, and soft browns).
  2. Next, I made a sketch of the image and used layers to create vector shapes, which I turned into selections that I then filled with the patterns I had made.
  3. Lastly, I created highlights and darker areas and turned on the lights in the castle. :-)

All of it was done with Corel Painter(TM) - my favourite program in the world.

Here's a close-up of the castle that shows the patterns I used.

Lastly a bit of fun:

The GashlyCrumb Tinies - You have a terribly wicked
sense of humour and people are drawn to your
wit. Children beware of the thin, pale man
with the black umbrella!

Which Edward Gorey Book Are You?
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I like this very striking style.


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