Sunday, September 11, 2005

Hunstanton - A Day Out

Last week on Saturday we went to a trip to Hunstanton, mainly to see the Sealife Sanctuary but we also spent some time at the beach.

It was a lovely and hot day and, of course, I had my trusty camera with me. I managed to get a few great shots of some penguins, otters and various life and otherwise at the beach (see below).

The Penguins:

This photo was shot through a thick glass window, hence the slight smudges, however, I thought the detail was still good enough, especially for a reference photo.

This photo was shot by leaning above the enclosure fence. I like the dynamic and "alive" feel of this one.

The Otters:

The otters were my absolute favourites. :-) There were also some babies but I didn't manage to get a really good shot of them. :-(

The Crab:

I saw this when we were walking along the beach.

The Pebble Doll:

I found this on the beach. My intention was to take an image of the pebbles that I could use for a paper in Painter. When I looked at the viewer on the camera I noticed this pebble doll that must have been created by people walking along and pushing the pebbles around. I thought this was so amazing that I just had to take a picture of it.