Saturday, August 13, 2005


We had a day out at Wells-Next-The-Sea on the Norfolk coast on Wednesday. The weather looked a bit dodgy when we set out but turned out all right by the time we arrived there.

The sea was fairly warm, the sand was nice and squishy, and I managed to take hundreds of photos (well, not quite hundreds, but close enough). Following are three of my favourites.

Sea View

Sea Shells

Black Flower
(sorry I don't know what it's called - if you do, let me know)

Friday, August 12, 2005

New Note Cards Range - 3rd Picture

What with Ben being on his summer holidays and one thing and another I've been rather busy. However, some of my time was spent drawing. I've begun on a new range of note cards, a very different style from the previous 2 pictures. This is quirky line art with a restricted colour palette and a strict brief (although I am the one calling the shots...) Here's a little teaser:

Second Picture - Sun and Dragonfly

Here's the second picture - Sun and Dragonfly:

This is a new style for me although it's quite an old style, too. I used to do a lot of psychedelic artwork when I was a teenager. The idea for this one was as a companion for the Moon and Moth picture, but when I started the ideas kept coming. I showed the "sun beams" to connect everything from flora to fauna as this is what really happens, without sun there's no life. The dragonfly came about because I just love them. This one is fairly stylised however I've done loads and there is a fairly realistic picture of three dragonflies in my Artwanted portfolio.