Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I've been TAGGED!!!

Alison tagged me to tell 20 random things about me. I wasn't too sure about this, so I looked up what Alison had to say about herself. Now I know what she had in mind, here we go:
  1. I am sunshine person, I need the sun and dislike the winter because I don't get enough sunshine, although I love those crisp winter days when it's terribly cold but a bright, sunny day. Maybe that's why I like sunflowers? They always make me think of sunshine.
  2. I have to be creative in some way or other. At the moment I am into beading - jewellery mainly - and I'll post some samples very soon. Promise!
  3. Yesterday we went to our son's parents' evening and found out that he's at a very high reading level despite being one of the youngest in his class. I was so proud and pleased.
  4. Today, I bought some books for my son (and me, but don't tell him). We got the latest Chris d'Lacey Fire Star and Cornelia Funke's Dragon Rider.
  5. I love dragons. In my Artwanted portfolio are loads of dragons because I can't stop drawing them.
  6. I also love cats and have two of them. One's white and called Rodney after Rodney in "Only Fools and Horses", the other is called Mayberry - not a name of my choice.
  7. We also have two gerbils who are called Timmy and Chester after the TV cartoon series "Fairly Odd Parents".
  8. Like Alison I am ambidextrous although probably not quite as much. I can do most things with either hand.
  9. When I was a teenager I wrote poetry (like most teenagers) however, at some point I realised that I knew what I wanted to say, but it just wasn't poetry so I've stuck with prose ever since. I do miss it sometimes though, because poetry is special and I wish I could write poetry like Alison and Leah.
  10. When I was little I wanted to be a musical star until I realised I can't sing for toffee!
  11. I always wanted children and from when I was little I was always looking after younger kids.
  12. I love water - baths and swimming.
  13. I like my hair, but hate that it's going grey.
  14. I also like my eyes - they're green and I've always felt special about it, because apparently green eyes are rarer than any other colour.
  15. I love the internet. There are so many opportunities, from this blog, to mailing lists to websites... the list is endless.
  16. Three of my best friends live far away - one in France, one in Australia and one in America.
  17. For a few years now my favourite colour has been green . I find it restful and "fulfilling", if that makes sense.
  18. I prefer tea to coffee, and I drink my tea without milk and sugar.
  19. I love cooking, but that's the creative thing again.
  20. I love going to the botanical gardens here in Cambridge. They're a wonderful inspiration and just a lovely place to be.
There. That's twenty things, and I didn't begin to struggle until number 18. :-D